Sunday, May 3, 2009

video #73: The Rice Twins - Can I Say

I don't know who these two guys are or where they came from and outside of their rare and regrettably short releases since 2006, (if Discogs is to be trusted) they don't seem to be doing anything else on the side. But since their first release on K2 they've been Kompakt's secret weapon and I keep hoping that they'll eventually release an album, one we won't have to wait for as long as Rex the Dog's.

"For Dan" and "For Penny and Alexis" were the highlights of Immer 2 and Total 7, but only now am I realizing that I never actually heard Total 8 and, thus, missed out on this great track. Wistful but pounding, gloriously blissed-out and breezy, this won't make people toss their drinks at each other like Justice or MSTRKRFT or Basement Jaxx so that probably makes it dance floor poison by hipster benchmarks of 2009 but if you like shoegaze-y techno and haven't jumped on the "mnml sux!" bandwagon then this is for you.

Oh, I almost forgot. This is a really wonderful video, too. We're fortunate that The Rice Twins care enough about their music to support proper visual treatments of it (another of which I'll post sooner or later), because how many other artists in the realm of dance music who stick to putting out 12" releases on independent labels are bothering to? I got a big Watership Down-vibe from this. Whether this was the intention of animator Tommy Vilkensen is unclear. Grab some tissues and judge for yourself (be warned, big spoilers on the other side of that link).