Sunday, June 28, 2009

video #76: Kid 606 - Mr. Wobble's Nightmare

The latest single from Kid 606, with a video from Joel Trussell. I was licking my chops when I first heard about another collaboration from them, hoping for another video like "The Illness", and certainly not expecting anything with stop motion. But this is another winner.

Do you need to know the background of this song to appreciate it? Probably not but if you haven't heard "Mr. Cook's Nightmare" then you're missing out on a 90's classic. The original source is bound to blow a few minds too.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

a pretty big day for this guy

I don't think I can possibly imagine the kind of happiness or excitement that he's feeling right now, much less hope to know it for myself one day.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brad Fuller & Hal Canon - Marble Madness

Brad Fuller & Hal Canon - "Marble Madness"

I always thought of Marble Madness as a classic NES game, but its origins date back years earlier to arcades as well as various computer platforms (Amiga, ZX Spectrum,etc.). I played it a few times as a young child and never got far, but imagined that once you got the hang of it that it would reveal itself as a lengthy, deep and immensely replayable game. It wasn't until this year that I had a chance to play it again and finally find out for myself. Turns out there are only five levels, all of which can be passed in less than five minutes. Then that's it. No more levels, no hidden stages. That's just the end.

Most people who initially bought Marble Madness unaware of its brevity were probably justified in whatever sense of disappointment they may have felt. Playing it in 2009 on a (probably) illegal disc full of classic Nintendo titles (none of which I paid a cent for), it's hard to justifiably feel cheated by the experience, no matter how unexpectedly short it is. Maybe that's partly because of the instantly addictive and unforgettable music. When you have a game with simple courses to run and few enemies to dodge, your attention will inevitably drift to other parts that would normally be filtered into the background of your experience, like the themes for the different stages. Fortunately the music is so original, fun, and befitting to the strange and wonderful polygonal world within the game.

I recorded all of these clips off of Youtube. They're of varying quality and perhaps from different ports of the game, but at least now you can enjoy them in the car, on the bus, or during your afternoon workout. Can't get enough? Go buy the game!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

video #75: Amadou & Mariam – Masiteladi

Here's an enjoyable song and video from Amadou & Mariam, probably the best-known Afropop band in America right now thanks to lots of good press and touring. Too bad they'll never actually get to watch this video. They're blind, but they can probably see the music and that's what really matters. Right?

Is it wrong that I enjoy this while not really bothering to check out most other African pop music? Do I only like this because it's indie-approved and touches on all the right kinds of western music that I feel the most? Not that I listen to Vampire Weekend or anything. But would I if they were from Mali? Haunting questions.

I've also been getting into Omar Souleyman, but is that okay if I don't have any intention of "getting into" any other Syrian music? If I don't, can I still like his music for the right reasons? Not even a half-decade of M.I.A. are we prepared to deal with these dilemmas.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Free Kitten - Never Gonna Sleep

Free Kitten - "Never Gonna Sleep"

1997 was a pretty good year for music. So many great albums! Here's one that's always been lost in the shuffle and commonly dismissed as a fun but inconsequential side project, but that's a mistake. This was way ahead of its time. Sentimental Education was all over the place as an album (which people hold against it for some reason) but this is one of its best tracks. Give this jam a chance and you won't be let down!

Kill Rock Stars was never the same after they started courting shit bands like Numbers and The Decemberists. I miss their old sound and their passionately feminist and gay (not fey and prissy and whiney, but homosexual!) and creative attitude. This same "old sound" turned out to be the sound of tomorrow. Too bad no one gives a shit today! Too busy blogging and listening to "quirky" (but serious!) bands dressed in their best steampunk outfits, I guess. RIP KRS (Grand Royal, too). Indie rock suuuuucks.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

video #74: Miracle Fortress - Have You Seen Your Dreams

This was going to be one of the longest entries I'd ever published on this blog but after a month of fussing over it and considering what it is about it that bothers me and what I think it all means within some bigger context or something, I was unable to form any real opinion about it or say anything truly interesting at all. My brain is rotting into a useless mass I'll be flipping burgers when I'm 40.