Wednesday, August 1, 2007

video #18: Radiohead - Paranoid Android

I passed on buying The Bends when it first came out, probably choosing to spend my allowance on some crappy sports collectibles or something like that instead. So I didn't get into Radiohead until well after OK Computer had come out. Yeah, not until college. There were actually a few cool kids there who were into them, but they were all Visual Arts/Architecture majors who drank and smoked, and wore better-matching thrift store clothes than I did. I was never able to get into their clique, but the fact that I viewed them as a clique in the first place was my own undoing.

"Paranoid Android" was #4 on the "Top 10 Animated Videos" special that first aired on MTV in 1998. Certainly should be higher than the overrated "Sledgehammer" or the terribly dated "Money For Nothing."

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