Sunday, November 16, 2008

Underground Resistance - Big Stone Lake

Underground Resistance - "Big Stone Lake"

I'm not sure when I first heard "Big Stone Lake," probably this spring at the earliest. tells me I've played it 50 times in the last six months. I sort of can't wait to go home and listen to it a few more times before bed. I don't understand why this isn't one of those classics that everyone knows, like "Chime," "Pacific State"/"Pacific 202," "Virtual," or "Little Fluffy Clouds." I know it's not really electronica, or part of that rave/acid house timeline that people too young to have remembered still get nostalgic for. It's Underground Resistance, still due for some kind of but it's hardly even techno, at least not in any way that Mills, Banks, or Hood would later help define the sound. Is it too lo-fi? To slow? Too black? Are young, white bloggers still allergic to any saxophone that isn't found in canonized jazz, bloated 80s pop, or "skronky" punk songs by guys who cut themselves?

I'm so sick of new music, this is really all I want to listen to anymore.

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