Sunday, February 1, 2009

Telefon Tel Aviv - I Lied

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Telefon Tel Aviv - "I Lied"

News of the passing of Charles Cooper hit the Internet last week, first in a post by bandmate Joshua Eustis on Telefon Tel Aviv's Myspace page. News was quickly picked up by local sites like The Reader, Chicagoist, and Gaper's Block, not to mention Pitchfork and a bunch of other music websites (most of which had been gleefully happy to shit on the band's faces for most of the past 5 years, if only for making pleasant electropop that wasn't 100% groundbreaking or part of some trendy and easy to write about revival). Even at this point, details about Cooper's death have not been released to the public, though that hasn't stopped some from not only speculating on what they might be, but also on the appropriate response of his family and friends.

Checking the band's page, I'm kind of shocked that they have as many listeners as they do. They were never very hyped or given an overwhelming push by either Hefty Records or Bpitch Control. I'm glad to see that it looks like they had, in fact, found their audience, one that had surely been eagerly anticipating their new album, out mere days before Cooper's disappearance had been reported.

Here's a song from their second album, Map of What is Effortless, which helped get me through many long nights at my last job (and still could at my current position if only music were allowed).

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A.B. Dada said...

I appreciate the link. For what it's worth, I've received a few emails -- and even a comment on that article -- from friends and family who are also left in the dark about the cause of death of Mr. Cooper.

My post wasn't about gossip, but about providing the facts, which I believe I did.

I'm hoping a call to the ME this week will clarify things -- as the dozens of emails I've received from fans (and friends and family) means inquiring minds want to know.