Wednesday, April 4, 2007

video #01: Tom Tom Club - The Genius of Love

I'm probably going to post a video here once every week or so, with the hopes that if anyone has come this far and is actually reading, they wouldn't be opposed to watching something for three or four minutes while they're at it. That's probably an arrogant assumption on my part. I've watched as embedded Youtube clips have been massively overposted on message boards and blogs over the past year, and I suspect that by now it's probably impossible for any one person to actually view every single one that they come across in their daily websurfing.

Anyway, here's a video from the Tom Tom Club. Yeah, it's "Genius of Love," which you already know and love. It's a beautiful video, though, and worth watching again. The animation is by James Rizzi, whose music video resume apparently only includes this and one other Tom Tom Club video, "The Pleasure of Love." Several years ago I mistook the latter for the former and bought a used 12" of it on vinyl. Oops. It's sat in a crate during most of that time while I've continually intended to buy a decent needle for my turntable to play it on. I know that's a modest request but like most of my vinyl pursuits and longrunning but fruitless DJ aspirations, I don't think it's going to happen.

The Tom Tom Club outlasted The Talking Heads, though not quite by popular demand, with Tina and Chris also taking part in the much-maligned, Byrne-less reunion of sorts that was The Heads. I vaguely remember "Damage I've Done" being better than anyone gave it credit for at the time or since, but I think I'm alone in this. Apparently Tina and Chris have also played in Gorillaz at some point, but who can really say just what their role was in that.

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