Wednesday, April 25, 2007

video #04: Luke Vibert - I Love Acid

On second thought, this is probably as close to a real acid revival as we're going to get, and it's a lot more boring that I would have hoped. Granted, I really liked this when it came out, but probably more due to my Warp fanboyism than anything else. With every spin of the 2003 mix that I'd made at the time, it just sounded less and less interesting. Then again, most things would next to Dizzee Rascal, Superpitcher, tATu, or about a hundred other singles from that year.

Not much to say about the video that isn't already pretty obvious, as it tears away the final fragile layers of whatever ambiguity the song still possessed. It was included on the WarpVision DVD in 2004, where it looks and sounds a lot better than the Youtube clip above. Apparently, Delicious 9 produced a few other animated videos, most unseen by me so far.

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