Wednesday, June 27, 2007

video #13: Peter, Bjorn & John - Young Folks

This has been a "featured" video on Youtube for a few months now, meaning that I see a link for it somewhere on the page almost every other time I watch something on the site. I figured that would make it one of the most viewed videos on the site ever, but it's not even close to the top 100. I guess that more than over 3,000,000 views (between the two biggest streams of it that have been uploaded to the site) aren't what they used to be anymore. God only knows if any of these people watching are actually buying the CD.

When this came out last year, I was getting kind of burned out by all the twee indie pop that everyone on the Internet was falling all over week after week. Keeping up with all of it had become incredibly time-consuming, not to mention increasingly disappointing as time goes on. It's one thing to have people shouting about Chutes Too Narrow or Twin Cinema as being new "pop masterpieces" or whatever. But The Long Winters? Figurines? Annuals? Voxtrot? Who the hell are these bands? Eventually you get tired of playing the game and just go listen to The Beatles instead.

Still, trying to resist this song forever is a futile effort. The video itself, I'm still not sure about.

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