Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Black Dog - Utopian Dream

The Black Dog - "Utopian Dream"

I first heard this almost ten years ago on the radio. Everyone was trying to get in on "electronica" back then, even rock radio, so when Q101 began airing the "Electronic Trip" on Sunday nights, I listened religiously, desperate for some new music at the time. I even taped the shows as I listened and would replay them in the car during the week as I drove to school and work.

And this song... the DJ simply identified it as "The Black Dog..." but never gave its exact title. And so, for almost ten years, I struggled to find it, trying to get into The Black Dog but starting in the worst places imaginable, like Temple of Transparent Balls, Music For Adverts (And Short Films), and Unsavoury Products. I downloaded half of Spanners once but didn't hear it there. It wasn't until I heard the entire album this spring that I finally found the track again, buried inconspicuously near the end. Ten years is a long time for a song to bounce around in one's head. If I had waited any longer, what was left of it in my memory probably would have mutated into something else altogether.

I still have a few other songs like this, tracks heard on the radio, on mixtapes or in stores that I need to track down, but have absolutely no idea where to begin. No lyrics, no melodies that I can hum or play on a keyboard, just a few disjointed memories left over from years of obsession and a handful of promising clues that lead to nowhere. And time is running out on me.

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