Wednesday, May 16, 2007

video #07: Röyksopp - Poor Leno

Is there anything worse than reading Youtube comments?

CityOfVillains13 (2 months ago)
For those of you who are wondering what a Leno is it's a 5 year old dork in a teddy bear suit who gets captured by the feds and gets put into a rehab clinic where the CEO takes him away and into a zoo. Oh then he writes on the wall

AlwaysCandyTime (1 month ago)
I think the video has a deeper meaning. Its not only about locking up animals in a zoo, its also about people putting others down and be separated from your loved ones because of others. perhaps the video also tries to say something about discrimination. Leno is a human being like the others but because he wears a bearsuit they think he's less than them.

(1 month ago)
dat monkey at 1:56 scares the shit outta me!

yazmin182 (1 month ago)
"Lenos usually co-habit in pairs". 25 seconds. That is so sad, he looks so lonely! What does it all mean!

BMFRU2 (3 weeks ago)
Don't make sense. Any1 with 2 brain cells can tell it's a boy in a snow suit. What do U thinks gonna happen when he decides 2 take it off? And U know his parents ain't gonna let a missin child go unfound. Great song. Unfocused video.

gigan36 (1 week ago)
The part where he is runnning away is hilarious

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