Sunday, January 27, 2008

Brian Eno - Force Marker

Brian Eno - "Force Marker"

Why don't I like Brian Eno? Just looking at everything else I listen to, it doesn't make any sense. Not to brag or anything but somehow I own four of his albums and have heard three others (I realize this is just a fragment of his work, but still...), and there's just not much that I can get into at all. I mean, I respect him as a guru/innovator/activist, but I keep wondering just when I'm going to "get" him like everyone else seems to. Even his rock albums don't do anything for me; I'm sort of ashamed to say it to anyone but "Baby's On Fire" is one of the most supremely annoying pop songs I've ever heard.

Don't get me wrong. "The Big Ship" is a great song, and I like putting on Discreet Music on low volume whenever I get a headache, but that's about it. And I like "Force Marker," too, even thought it's a pretty late-period piece for him and not even close to being one of his signature tracks. I'm looking it up on Discogs right now, and it's only showing up on one release: the soundtrack to Heat.

I haven't seen the film in almost ten years, but I still remember the best scenes, which are all on the Internet now, anyway. Even the bank robbery scene, so perfectly scored by Eno. It almost sounds like a precursor to Clicks 'n Cuts, turn of the century glitch. Just watch the scene here and see what I mean. Or watch it with hilarious Journey music proudly dubbed over the shootout.

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