Wednesday, January 30, 2008

video #44: The Orb - Vuja De

Been in kind of a funk lately, too distracted to blog and now a month behind where I'm "supposed" to be with updates. This is one of the signs of a dying blog. Too early to say what's going to happen but hopefully before long I'll be able to get back on my feet again. But isn't that what they all say.

Here's the new single from The Orb. Decent song, decent album, I'd buy it if it was in shops here but I can't bring myself to make yet another online purchase without feeling shopper's remorse from making yet another needless charge. As for the video... no one seems to really appreciate the timeless charm of their early videos, but they could really do so much better if they returned to the simple, multilayered beauty of their classic rave aesthetic. I've never liked this kind of computer animation.

There's really nothing about this video that I like at all. I'd still love to see The Orb someday but now I'm hoping for a set with no visuals.

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